Tips & Places to Train in Florianópolis


Jurerê is the preference beach of the majority of triathletes for a open water train. Normally with a good warm temperature, specially during the summer time, and ususally calm, specially when the wind is blowing from the south, Jurerê’s sea becomes a natural swimming pool. During the hight season (December – February) the best time for a swim is very early in the mornings, since after 9.00 am many tourists begin to arrive, and the water and sand becomes crowded.


Watch out when going out for a cycling train anywhere in Florianópolis. Unfortunately we do  not have a culture of cycling in Brazil and thus most drivers are not carefull enough with athletes to make the bike practice safe enough. However, it is possible to ride your bike near Jurerê neighborhood area, as well as using the road side in SC-402 and SC-401, preferably no too early nor too late at the end of the day. The best time for a cycling train is between 8.00 am and 10.00 am the most. Some areas of the road side, towards Canasvieiras offers cycling path, but mostly this path is a shared space with the road side.

If you are located near downtown of Florianópolis, Av. Beira-Mar offers a clycing path completely closed for bikes. It is a place usually used for leisure, hence the speed and care with kids, dogs, and other people is something to be noted. Alternatively, during every Sunday, Av. Beira-Mar becomes “Via Amiga”, which means that one side of the road is closed, from 6.00 – 11.00 am, only for athletes to train, and people in general to practice a sport.


Running is something you can do pretty much everywhenre in Florianópolis, always taking care with the traffic, off course. Jurerê (North of the Island), and Av. Beira-Mar (Downtown), are among many places the best for running in a flat course, and also to find other athletes. In Jurerê Internacional neighborhood area, there is a running/walking path called “Passeio dos Namorados”, in which you can run outside the street with cars and also be near the beatiful vegetation and beach.